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Unfortunately for Justin though I fear this time he’s talked his way into a serious vitamin V deficiency. Any pick up line which wouldn’t sound out of place in a testimony for a sexual offence court case probably isn’t going to be that successful. Where the surreal and strange become common place and two days later drunken messages are to be expected.

What Ian lacks in charm he more than makes up for in graphic imagery. Quite a graphic start, and sounding slightly pervy, but funny and original enough to successfully break the ice and get some laughter. Though I think the underlying desperation was starting to shine through just a tiny bit, but she probably didn’t notice.

I would sink my teeth into dat booty but they might just stay there.Getting lucky usually means finding my car in the parking lot, but tonight you can change that.Of course this is normal and we are all in this position but for many reasons it could have been a disaster as the cancer hospital weren't keen my husband travelled due to break in treatment and he came out separate to me to that was weird and my son nearly couldn't leave his disabled baby as he has a serious episode the week before.Anyway we all made it and in my mind it doesn't matter if this doesn't happen again as the other son emigrates to Canada ne Sod it wrong button!!Ah the notorious vitamin D, sought after by many I’m sure.

To be honest any vitamin related pick up line gets my vote. Alright so you fumbled the start Tanner, don’t worry brah it’s still good you got this. I know, ask her if she’s blocked you that gets them going. Damn man I don’t know what to tell ya, all of that should have worked, maybe she’s just busy? And so we go down the rabbit hole of Tinder pickup lines.

We returned from oz yesterday after going there for daughters wedding and it has been the best month ever.

I am not gloating but just proud of my family for helping me personally realise how wonderful family can be.

Once the tension has been broken with this sly yet direct insinuation, I’m sure the ladies fall at your feet. Though in your defence, I don’t see why talking about Harry Potter wouldn’t instantly put any respectable girl into the mood.

Maybe work on the delivery a bit more then you’re golden.

I was completely naked – under my pants, bra, tights, dress and flat shoes.