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If at all possible from the photos attached to this email could you shed some light as to its make and approximate value for insurance purposes.Your expert experience on this subject would be greatly appreciated on this matter by my family and also any tips in keeping this beautiful timepiece in perfect condition.Please note that I am merely passing along what I see in the books listed below and you, of course, may do with the information what you wish.

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Ingbert geboren wurde, bis zum zeitgenössischen Autor Martin Bettinger aus Rohrbach spannt sich der Bogen St.Ingberter Literatur, der in einem liebevoll gestalteten Band zusammengefasst wurde.Your Sincerely, Troy J D Dear Troy, Thank you for your email.While you have supplied a number of photos, you have unfortunately made my dating task almost impossible by not providing a crucial one: a photograph of the back plate which will show us the Gustav Becker logo.It was brought to Australia by The Redemptorists and was for the Monastery in Mayfield, Newcastle which was founded in 1885.

When the monastery closed it was obtained my family.Many people are inappropriately dating clocks made in the Braunau factory using the Gustav Becker Freiburg factory chart that is contained within the books listed below.This yields a completely bogus date and is false and misleading.The company is based in Bristol, CT and Brooklyn, NY which declined after World War I loosing much of their business to lower-cost clock makers.– operated from 1886 until 1871 because it was destroyed by the fire.Do you have a grandfather clock and you want to learn about its manufacturer?