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Affirmative defenses should always be used when you file your answer with the court.If you do not give them in your answer, you lose the right to bring them up in court later.Using the entire list is total overkill, and could make you look like you don't know what you are doing. Please tailor your defenses, DON'T JUST CUT AND PASTE.

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Watch my brief video about some of the differences between settling credit card debts with your bank and debt collectors compared to negotiating with collection attorneys whether they have a judgment or not.There is a science to navigating the collection stages I briefly outlined above. Learn How to Answer a Summons and Complaint explains the mechanics of what to do if you are served a Summons and Complaint.An important part of filing your Answer is to include a list of Affirmative Defenses.While there are many pending developments that could affect the EB-5 program, this is still a good time to learn how the program works and why so many developers have used EB-5 financing as part of the capital stack for their new projects.

The Global Hospitality Group has developed an approach to guide clients through the EB-5 process with a minimal amount of financial risk to find and evaluate the reliable players and execute financing with a high degree of confidence.

Would you really pay money to someone who says you owe them, but can't prove you owe? Make sure the collector is authorized to collect the debt.

Even if you really owe the money, how do you know the creditor actually hired this company to collect the debt on their behalf?

Timing, balances, who your credit card debts are owed to, and your ability to come up with the money needed to settle the debts – all will affect the strategic design of which account to settle with first, second, third etc….

It is important to have a plan to follow if you want to systematically and successfully settle debts and save the most money in the process.

You need to look up the rules of civil procedure in your state to see if it is proper to use any of these defenses and customize them to be specific to your state's laws.