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This year, beachcombers may find good-as-new 1999 Nike Cross Trainers along the shores of Washington and Oregon and Puget Sound beaches.In February, some Nikes drifted into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

One model of the Seattle Uplift: Cross-section (south to north) along the east side of central Puget Sound, looking west.

TB = Tacoma Basin EPZ = East Passage Zone (Maury Island), SFZ = Seattle Fault Zone (Alki Point).

Metro Transit is your "go to" agency for public transportation throughout King County.

We are popular locally and admired nationwide for our innovative transit services, pioneering green practices, and visionary approach to meeting the transportation needs of the county’s growing population.

and an uplifted marine terrace at Restoration Point (foreground in picture above), the Seattle Fault's existence and likely hazard were definitely established by a set of five reports published in Science in 1992.

These reports looked at the timing of abrupt uplift and subsidence around Restoration Point and Alki Point (distant right side of picture), Although the A. 900–930 earthquake was over a thousand years ago, local native legends have preserved an association of a powerful supernatural spirit – a'yahos, noted for shaking, rushes of water, and landsliding – with five locales along the trace of the Seattle Fault, including a "spirit boulder" called Psai-Yah-hus near the Fauntleroy ferry dock in West Seattle.

Beach Junk Serves as Ready-Made Markers Until 1990, Ebbesmeyer dropped buoys, drift cards, and markers into the sea to track current flows without giving much thought to what was already adrift.

But when his mom quizzed him about where beach junk comes from, he realized that the ocean was filled with ready-made markers whose course he could plot from ship to shore.

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Over the years, he's become the big Kahuna of beachcombers with a Web site, a newsletter, and a penchant for zipping around the country to attend beachcomber conferences.