Exchangel slow when updating deleted items

Compact the Outlook Connector Local Cache File Unlike POP, which stores data in a PST file, Outlook Connector stores a local copy of account data in a local cache file.

If you are using Outlook Connector, you can compact the local cache file to improve performance.

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Many IT departments are slow to upgrade their server software, so check with your IT department to confirm the version (more on which versions are effected below).

Before I explain more details on how this limit works, how to identify it, and specific strategies to fix it, let me first give you some background on why 1MTD or MYN users should be particularly aware of this.

At the bottom of the screen, select Manage: COM add-ins and click Go.

Remove the checkmark from the Cyberlink add-in and close the dialog.

Uninstall Business Contact Manager The update described in KB933493: Description of the update for Outlook 2007: April 13, 2007 appears to help with many performance issues in Outlook 2007.

Outlook and Slow HTML - this relates to slow typing in HTML message.

Whether you use POP, IMAP, Active Sync or Outlook Connector, you can perform various tasks to improve Outlook’s performance.

Follow the steps outlined below to keep Outlook running like a well-oiled machine.

The defragging will probably take a few minutes—depending on the size and degree of fragmentation of the file. Now, let’s tackle why your system hangs up when you try to delete a large number of e-mails.

I would bet you’re connected to Exchange Server, and Outlook is trying its best to communicate with the server for every deletion, but its getting overwhelmed.

So I recently spent an hour or so of quality time deleting messages.