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Sex trafficking involves males, females and children. The Project im PACT Film Program brought youth together to produce short films raising awareness of human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Ottawa.The youth chose to focus their films on recruitment, victim statements, and public misinformation. Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking that affects every country in the world. It happens within our borders and it happens within our city – yes, sadly it does happen in Ottawa. Sex trafficking involves sexual slavery for profit; profit that is kept by the trafficker; profit that amounts to billions of dollars annually around the world.The exploitative relationship is dehumanizing, violent and relentless. It is not sex work whereby a person earns a living through the sale of sexual acts by choice and has control over their conditions of work.More details on the ONS Census disclosure control strategy may be found on the Statistical Disclosure Control page on the ONS web site.

You can also contact the Nomis helpdesk directly on 01 or email [email protected] YOU ARE IN DANGER, please use a safer computer, or call 911, or contact a member of the Franklin County Sherriff Department’s Domestic Violence Unit at 919-496-3332. Lynn Spence was Executive Director of New Horizons (formerly known as Womenfolk Unlimited) in Richmond County from August 1996 until her death in August 1999.She served on the board of NCCASA as Regional Representative and was a member of various committees, including the conference committee.Sex trafficking is forced sexual exploitation of the trafficked person and comprises a gross violation of that person’s human rights.Typically, a person who is sexually exploited does not have control or has little control over their hours of work; how much they charge for the services they provide, including whether they keep some or all of the money they earn; the services they provide (including unprotected intercourse); whom they service; and / or how many clients they service in a day or at the same time.In order to protect against disclosure of personal information from the 2011 Census, there has been swapping of records in the Census database between different geographic areas, and so some counts will be affected.