Drobo updating boot support partitions

This unhelpful message appeared on my computer today when moving some files.

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For most users, installing mac OS Sierra has gone without a hitch and they’re left with a trouble-free Mac that works great with the latest mac OS system software release.

But, not everything goes smoothly for everyone, and sometimes updating to mac OS Sierra can lead to a variety of problems.

Super Duper isn't just the most powerful cloner available: it's incredibly fast, too.

Its Smart Update feature evaluates hundreds of thousands of files and directories in just minutes, automatically updating your clone to reflect any changes you've made on the original drive – including custom icons, HFS attributes, ownership changes... It can even copy (and Smart Update) Time Machine backup volumes!

The vast majority of Macs update to mac OS Sierra without any adverse incident.

Sometimes when users attempt to download mac OS Sierra from the Mac App Store they will confront a “An error has occurred” red message and the download stops.

"Recently, my 320GB external hard disk of Samsung had seen its day. I take good care of it and it hasn't undergone any tiny drop or improper usage. The hard drive shows up in the new computer as 'Local Disk (M:)' when it is connected to computer via the USB port.

Everything seems work well, but when I double-click the Local Disk (M:) to access file, the computer responses for several seconds and pops up a message box Location is not available, saying 'M:\ is not accessible.

A quick search pointed me in the direction of: Control Panel, Sync Center, Offline Files, Manage Offline Files (left hand side), Disk Usage tab, Change Limits (Windows 7 64bit) Once I’d increase the disk usage all was well again.

Now Why didn’t they put the words ‘Offline Files’ in the error message or perhaps even a link?

It can, of course, make a full backup, or "clone" — in moments, you can completely duplicate your boot drive to another drive, partition, or image file.