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This is a time saving and labor-saving device, then, and is perhaps going to be most useful to anybody who doesn’t have hours to spend browsing profiles each week.

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Dating Direct is an established dating site owned by the Meetic network, who also now own As a result, both sites share many similarities, and they benefit from the branding and marketing that have made them two of best-known dating sites out there.

Where leaves members to their own devices, Dating Direct Affinity takes away some of the work of finding suitable dates.

Once your initial test is completed, you need only sit back and allow the system to recommend dates for you.

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They believe that to have the best chance of developing a successful relationship, it is important to start by taking a little time to consider your own character traits and personality, as well as thinking about the type of person you’d like to meet.

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Lots of dodgy adverts unless you pay with monthly prices starting from: £8.99 Awesome but small niche dating site for countryside lovers, with monthly prices starting from: £22 Let your friends do the hard work for you and setup your profile for you, with monthly prices starting from: £12.99 Love reading the Guardian?

uses the information you and our other members have given us to decipher the most compatible candidates for a successful, lasting relationship.

There are around one hundred questions covering 71 different psychological criteria from fundamental values to views on family life.