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She attended boarding school and then went to Vassar College. Fonda returned to New York and did a bit of modeling for a time.Before long, she decided to follow in her father's footsteps. Off screen, she was a civil rights and anti-war activist.

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Do you remember how romantic it was to slow dance with your special someone at your high school prom or homecoming dance?

Do you remember how dreamy it was to move to the music, close enough to smell his cologne and feel his heartbeat, at the same time escaping into a world of pure bliss?

When she was 12 years old, she would write and pre-rehearse raps at home then go to school the following day and battle other kids as though it was freestyle rap.

Soon after arriving in Hollywood, Malakouti started an all-female band called Shut Up Stella, which signed with Epic Records in 2007.

Anoushka, the Indian sitar maestro's London-born youngest child, was in Berlin, showcasing her new album, Traveller – an innovative melding of classical Indian and Spanish musics.

"It's a really cool concept that I never would have thought of," says Shankar's other daughter, Texas-raised Norah Jones.

She survived sudden stardom to sell more than 40 million albums.

Ten years on, she has finally got to know her famous father.

My husband and I slow dance often, sometimes stealing a quick dance in our driveway to music playing on our car stereo before we relieve the babysitter at the end of our date night.

Sometimes we steal a dance in our living room after we put the kids to bed, or underneath the stars on our back deck.

When Malakouti was in the 5th grade she was cast as Wendy Darling in her elementary school's production of Peter Pan.