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However, they separated several days ago after over two years love, because my relative's parent thinks that the girl is much elder than their son. Two years is not very much but I have heard of a similar situation. It is unfair." BBQQ, it seems that you are a feminist, are you?Girls are often more mature than boys during their late teens through to thirties but this should not influence a good healthy relationship. I dont think age difference matters too much, I once dated a lady who 9 years older than me in 1986, neither of us was to bothered by that.May-December romances are frequently misunderstood. When you're dating someone older, people might assume that the dynamic of the relationship is unhealthy or fundamentally unequal.

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explained, describing the 37-year-old she had been with.

An older partner doesn't always equate to a sugar daddy, or mama, though—even if they have the cash."If they have money, do they pay for more shit? When you're dating someone older, it's easy to feel pressured to act older than you are.

"Of course if is much more common for older men to marry much younger women, up to twenty years is quite acceptable it would seem but for an older woman to marry a younger man is often seen as inappropriate....." Me too.

Alan Is it seriously inappropriate for an older woman to marry a younger man in Chinese culture?

To learn more about what these relationships are really like, ATTN: reached out to four people who have dated someone older than themselves via email about their experiences and relationship advice.

When your partner looks visibly older than you, people might get a little nasty.The basic gist of the story - she's looking to get married within the next few years, and she's approaching 30 soon. However, we are a pretty good fit for each other sans age difference, and it's obviously an issue we'll have to deal with as time goes on. Socially, it's become a bit more acceptable than in earlier times, but still - very tough to say. BIBLICAL SUPPORTS FOR WOMEN MARRYING YOUNGER MEN BY EBENEZER AFOLABI ebenezerafolabi54 @ The idea of women marrying younger men is becoming popular in our days, but its acceptability has been strongly challenged.However, in regard to age differences between couples in marriage, what is the ideal?Is there any standard to follow in regard to age differences among couples?I have seen Chinese men who marry women half there age (my uncle) and it is viewed like she was just a few years younger than him.