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We have also been known to collect contemporary A: It is most likely to be at the foot of the first page of advertisements at the rear of the book.Otherwise there is a page and a table on this website dedicated to dating your guide.There is no other spa in England which has so generous a proportion of the vitalising radon evolved from radium as Bath.

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If it has no publication date, it is most likely late 1940s or early 1950s, but check other clues given under "dating clues".

A: No, although we are all collectors and enthusiasts who have contributed to the site for mutual interest.

These important scientific discoveries were followed by new methods of applying the waters in the cure of disease.

Apparatus was promptly installed whereby the natural radioactive waters of the hot springs may be inhaled, or used for special sprays, in a finely atomised form.

Taking the waters The healing virtues of the hot springs of Bath have been known for many centuries; but it is only in the present day that a reason for cures that have approached the miraculous has been found in the presence of radium.

Radium is composed of two elements, helium and radon, and while it is releasing helium it is also setting free the other and far more valuable essence – radon.

The unhealthiness is partly to do with their being an awful lot of them, 200 at the last count, covering just about every holiday destination in the British Isles, from Ramsgate to Bangor, Oban to Penzance.

Though they were the best-selling guide books of their day, no individual collector has yet managed a full collection of them.

A special feature here is the 'under-current douche’, consisting of a hose and nozzle, which applies to the patient’s body a powerful stream whilst under water.

Some baths are fitted with chairs, actuated by hydraulic power, for lowering cripples and helpless patients into the water.

The Red Guides website has not been developed by the Ward Lock publishers rather we are simply collectors who wish our knowledge built up through interest in the Red Guides series to be made available to other collectors of the same guides.