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There's some real hate in the bars and some crazy claims being thrown (rape, girlfriend beating, transexual sex, exes in general) mainly coz these guys have so much history.

Thailand most beautiful Transgender "NONG POY" who born as male sex, but at age 17 changed to female.

It is a homosexual club and the atmosphere is amazing (as you probably know already).

Cross dressing for humor is generally intended to mock gender stereotypes and expectations. It sounds like - as with most drag - it's mocking fixed gender roles, not transgendered people.

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These are photos after she got surgery to became girl. Seem like most people here not interest in this topic, Hehe!!

But anyways, I want to post more beautiful pictures of "Nong Poy" And this picture is her and her boyfriend. Wish she the best, she is very brave to went under surgery to became a woman.

The club is around Molard, one street up towards the old town.

For more info go to: I'll hijack this thread as I reckon on it being a small audience at best ...

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It's quite offensive to most blacks--most Americans, for that matter. I don't understand the distinction, if there is one. That would be the analogy if women were objecting to drag queens (which sometimes happens).