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There is much speculation as to the exact location of the battle – the late Padraig Mc Carthaigh was in no doubt—he placed it at Clashacrow.

In 1026 the Ui Bairche were defeated by the Leixians and soon after were replaced as chieftains by the O'Braonains, who in turn were forced back towards Castlecomer by the arrival of the Normans.In the year 1111, a synod, or meeting of bishops, was held at Rathbrasall, County Tipperary, which divided Ireland into dioceses. Well, at the Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny you can... It arrived in your glass by way of a darkened medieval abbey, a reprehensible royal, heinous laws, two world wars, two fat turkeys and... But wouldn't it be more exciting if you could experience it all for yourself?The ' Libro Primus' is the minute book of Kilkenny Corporation from 1231 to 1538.

A document dating back to 1244 outlines how the Dominican friars were granted permission by the Bishop of Saint Canice's to take water from the well of St Canice provided the pipe wasn't any bigger than his episcopal ring.

Towards the end of the 8th century the Ui Duach were driven out and the Ui Bairche reigned again.

Then in 836 the Vikings arrived and in one daring raid burnt the Church of St Lachtain.

Decorated with ornate stain glass windows and rich in ecclesiastical heritage it is a must see when traveling through Kilkenny.

The adjoining round tower is only one of two in Ireland which the people can still climb today.

The village is the site of a monastery dating to the early 7th century.