Dating shows like elimidate

Reality dating shows are the most profitable type of television programming around at the moment, so it’s no surprise there are dating reality shows too.

Nicole Sheridan was born on May 7, 1975 in Pennsylvania, USA as Melissa Post.She is known for her work on Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet (2006), Bikini Round-Up (2005) and Ghost in a Teeny Bikini (2006).What’s predictable is that you will have negative exposure and you will be humiliated.It’s always helpful to ask friends and family to set you up, but never underestimate the value of the old-fashioned practice of matchmaking.This is reality TV meets softcore porn and Jerry Springer.

Four "singles" (usually brainless, twiggy blonds with personalities similar to a melted crayon) go out on the town with one guy (usually a tall egomaniac), and through the day and into the night, the guy eliminates the girls one by one until he is left with the one he likes the best.

The producers of "Shipmates" are absolute geniuses. Either way, Shipmates is an awesome example of how to produce a dating show.

On other similar shows, the "contestants" are set up and filmed over a matter of hours.

Often the daters are mismatched, and I suspect that the powers that be do this intentionally, so that when sparks fly, we're there to see the action.

What might be neat is if Chris Hardwick ever visited Rendez-View, which is another great show, a lot like this, except the date is critiqued step by step, which is neat. Often the daters are shallow and cheap, classless, charicatures of humanity. If you haven't ever seen this show, or Rendez-View, do yourself a kindness, and check it out, you won't regret it.

NOTHING was edited out, and even some body parts had to be blurred for obvious reasons.