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In 1984, another son Mike joined his brother and Dad in the family business.Vic, Mark and Mike are still with Ruana Knife Works and as of 2011, have been making Ruana Knives for nearly 110 years combined.Kinds of razors include straight razors, disposable razor, and electric razors.

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Gutmann catalogs are considered advertising for Puma.

If there is a knife you are looking for, and it is not shown, E mail me, I may have not listed it yet.

Several razors as well as other personal hygiene artifacts were recovered from Bronze Age burials in northern Europe and are believed to belong to high status individuals.

The Roman historian Livy reported that the razor was introduced in ancient Rome in the 6th century BC. Priscus was ahead of his time because razors did not come to general use until a century later.

Vic Hangas, Ruana’s son-in-law and eventual next door neighbor, began making Ruana Knives side by side with Rudy in 1964 and did so for 20 years until Rudy’s retirement in 1984.

Mark Hangas, Vic’s son, began putting his skills to work along his dad and grandfather in 1976.

While there have been a few minor changes over the years, Ruana Knives are still hand crafted with the same methods and much of the original equipment Rudy used.

Many knife models have remained in place as long as the company has and the Hangas trio has carried on Rudy’s work ethic and emphasis on uncompromising quality over quantity.

Ruana Knives are proudly American Made as much as a product possibly could be, with a continued commitment to creating a functional product that is usable, durable, and increasingly collectible.

By Syd Two Government Model .45 autos carrying the illustrious name of Remington have served our nation’s armed forces. Remington & Sons embarked on a new venture, and in September of 1873, the first Remington typewriters were produced. Remington realized that they were a firearms builder and not a typewriter company, and in 1886 Remington sold the typewriter business.

The estimate was later revised upward, first to 1.3 million and then to 2.7 million.