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The dance couple knew the questions would be coming, and were ready when ET came asking last week. ) it’s safe to say the two are not dating, but Smirnoff is playing mind tricks. All Jones added was, “What she said.” Twitter Handle For Jacoby’s Booty Smirnoff isn’t shy about her affinity for Jones’ backside. You not about to talk about my butt on national TV.” “Women talk about men’s butts all the time,” Smirnoff quipped back.

“Oh we just decided to come out right away,” she said. Let’s move on – “And technically we could be dating,” Smirnoff said, opening the door back up. “His butt is incredible," she said, looking directly into ET cameras. It was too late; Smirnoff and an ET producer were already brainstorming. JJToush Some of you men may sympathize with Jacoby, but I’m all for at least getting the hashtag going.

“Which wasn’t hard to do,” Jones told “Entertainment Tonight” (ET).

"Dancing With The Stars" pro Karina Smirnoff changes fiances as often as she changes dance partners -- partly because dancers lead sexually charged lives ... Sources close to Jason Adelman -- who announced he and Karina were engaged in January -- say he called things off because she has "different family values." We're told he's not accusing her of cheating, but he was uncomfortable with the way she acted around other men ... It's not like this was any long term engagement -- he just popped the question in January ...

after they reconnected at a holiday party in December.

Avoiding all the hurdles Karina Smirnoff has been a successful dancer and has won lots of hearts with her flawless dancing.

Karina is a professional ballroom dancer, and she is American Ukrainian-born.

She has perfect body measurements of 34-24-33 which gives her perfect shape to be a dancing diva.

She has a right height to be a dancer as she is 1.65 meters tall which are approximately 5 feet 4 inches.

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Dancing is one thing and to make an earning from it is another.

Making dancing a profession and to do good in it is a very difficult task and one small mistake can ruin your entire performance or maybe your career.

Adelman, 37, reportedly called it quits because his former fiancée holds “different family values.” To add insult to injury, Adelman says Smirnoff’s allegedly questionable behavior toward male dancers left him feeling uncomfortable.