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If someone had asked a minister in 1947 to prove that the original Hebrew Scriptures from the Old Testament were reliably copied without error throughout the last two thousand years, he might have had some difficulty in providing an answer. The most incredible discovery was the immense library of biblical manuscripts in Cave Four at Qumran that contained every single book of the Old Testament with the exception of the Book of Esther.

The oldest Old Testament manuscript used by the King James translators was dated approximately A. Multiple copies of several biblical texts such as Genesis, Deuteronomy and Isaiah were found in Cave Four.

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An Arab shepherd boy discovered the greatest archeological finds in history in 1947.

A Bedouin Arab found a cave in Qumran near the Dead Sea which ultimately yielded over a thousand priceless manuscripts dating back before A. 68, when the Roman legions destroyed the Qumran village during the Jewish war against Rome.will effectively have one legitimate chance at rebranding the franchise -- one small window of opportunity to distinguish itself from the previous ownership.Which is why the recent surge of All-Star right fielder Giancarlo Stanton is both a blessing and a curse for the incoming ownership group.We can identify and locate the owner of the page or site.Order a Blog/Webpage Identification Find place of employment so you can: You provide any email address and we will identify the current name, address and possible phone number connected to that email address.But through an adjustment at the plate -- closing his stance -- Stanton has suddenly become one of baseball’s best players, and a serious candidate for the National League MVP award.