Dating hillerich and bradsby bats

SOLD ITEM 2: Here we are offering an unusual vintage baseball decal bat for indoor baseball. Another rare aspect of this bat is the flame tempered handle.From about a foot from the knob, and including the knob, the handle was flame tempered.

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To many, the bat is the most basic of all baseball equipment.While the game evolved and changed through the decades, the baseball bat has remained the one constant, unchanged by progress - or has it? The markings are strong and bold making for a nice look and display. sporting goods company which features deeply burned in marking that include that patent information.In addition, there is "TOBY" written in vintage marker.

I have owned three Tovar bats and all three have displayed the same knob markings with Tovar's knick name "TOBY" written on the knob.

When these bats show up, they often show great use but it is undocumented whether or not they were used in actual league games.

The bat is uncracked and shows good game use with ball marks and stitch impressions.

i went to the Hillerich & Bradsby website, which does not give much info on ages of their bats, but provided links to 2 sports memorabilia auction houses who might. so, i thought maybe the bogleheads would either have this expertise, or know how to find it... 16 louisville, ky and on end of barrel: professional the bat is 35" long and quite heavy. anyone familiar with this bat, or know how to find out how old it is ???

here is the info on the bat: center label: hillerich and bradsby co. i don't really care about the value so much, moreso the age.

Behind the scenes, bat manufacturers, especially Hillerich & Bradsby, have from time to time tried to improve upon the ballplayer’s primary tool. In the early 1960’s the factory decided to experiment on ways of combating the “checking” or grain swelling, that occurs on every baseball bat after repeated contact.