Dating headshots san francisco

We host a variety of different dating events including cocktail parties, wine tastings, and speed dating.

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She also has them thinking about who their current inspirations are or when they are at their happiest.

If you are using your Linkedin headshots, modeling photos, glamour photos or even regular portraits for an online dating photos— please stop.

In May 2013, she set up Saturday Night’s Alright after spending eight years on online dating sites and growing tired of seeing the same blurry and dingy portraits.

“My pet peeves are red eyes and messy bedrooms in the background. If they see two scarlet lasers coming out of your eyes, they’re going to move on.

99% of the time these photos do not reveal anything about you — your interests, hobbies, passions.

They are almost certainly stiff, overly photoshopped and most importantly obvious that you hired a portrait photographer. Beyond the obvious mentioned above, there are some additional secondary signals you are sending in these types of photos.

I would definitely, highly recommend getting new photos from Online Profile Pros! Soon after the photo shoot I sent the photographer an email saying that the women online reacted favorably to my photos.

I wanted the photos to capture my essence in a positive way.

Within a couple weeks of having posted my new photos, I’d met the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and we are dating seriously now.

Working with my photographer was a great experience.

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