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This show is a short form improv comedy show shot in Portland.

This nibble features the improv game called, Dating Game.

Bachelor/bachelorette stand-up comics perform a set. Then participate in dating game show, where they choose between three mystery contestants.

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Vancouver Theatre Sports™ League (VTSL) began in 1980 and is now an award-winning theatre company, and a pillar of the Vancouver comedy scene.VTSL produces some of the most daring and innovative improv anywhere with a style that is a highly theatrical fusion of the dramatic elements of comedy and tragedy coupled with the enthusiasm and edge-of-your-seat excitement of professional sport.If that’s too difficult or uncomfortable, then hold the dumbbell in the goblet position, just like the goblet squats above.Lee Boyce, CPT is a strength coach based in Toronto, ON.You may be better just choosing a sentence out of a book or play at random.

Vancouver Theatre Sports® League is a unique professional theatre organization dedicated to the growth and exploration of exceptional improv-based work for the purpose of challenging and inspiring the community." The audience may suggest generic character types: cowboy, opera singer, cheerleader, etc.They may also suggest specific individuals: Walt Disney, Saddam Hussein, Queen Elizabeth, etc.Improv Workouts is a series of workouts specifically geared for people stuck in jam-packed gyms or are faced with limited equipment such as a single barbell, kettlebell, 45 lb plate or a jump rope. There are lots of scenarios where you can be left with even less equipment than a barbell and a variety of interchangeable plates. A high octane workout is just the ticket to give your body the conditioning it needs.When equipment is scarce at the gym, and the 17 year olds clean out all the barbells to do bench presses and biceps curls in the squat cage, it means it’s time to think on your toes.Santa may be played in a very genuine sort of way (think ).