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If you’re not familiar with Hooters; it’s a chain restaurant from Florida. Stuff like Buffalo-style chicken wings, oysters, and hamburgers.

But Hooters is most famous for it’s buxom waitresses, known as Hooters Girls. [Read more...]I banged my roommate, Hannah, a while back.

You know me by now and you know that I have a general dislike of all dating products.

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He is a single, well put together, and is a practiced conversationalist.

Each person on the trip received a box of personalized S. Videos of actual PUAs teaching and performing their methods. For example: “Hi,” is the most common opener in the world with common canned follow-up questions like, “Where are you from? Read More How A Great Wingman Will Break it Down: A few weeks ago, I was out with my friend Alex.

They believe a male player is no different from a female slut.

That ‘man-whores’ who sleep with tons of women are damaged goods.

They don’t have the appendages to do anything about it.

The pleasures paintings seek radiate from the gooey flesh of oil paint or extra hard wood of the panel. While cutting out the rituals and carnal positions that make up dating. No need for interviews it is as simple as swiping right for carnal embrace.Sharkbite Improv Nibbles are excerpts from the longer Shark Bite Improv Live. This show is a part of a 12 episode season all shown here in the Rose City on Portland Community Media. This show is a short form improvisational show shot in Portland.It’s been a few weeks since I returned from a trip with Neil and a few of his friends from The Society. Since I’m in a relationship, I’ll be his wingman for the night.During our journey through the southwest, the guys role-played that they were part of a clandestine organization that dealt with uncovering alien invaders — an organization called S. I thought it might be helpful to lay out some of the moments from the night, regarding …[Read more...]My girlfriend started working at Hooters several months ago.