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Ruth 2 & 3, Ruth and Boaz#Crazy – Anyone who thinks they can "have it all" and have a relationship is just plain crazy!

Relationships require commitment, and commitment requires sacrifice.

It seems to me that there are basically two camps of kids that have grown out of this digital atmosphere: “The Great Hesitancy” and “The Free For All.” These are Christian kids who seem to be afraid to interact with the opposite sex. The girls I know are so guarded and unapproachable that they have little experience or skills in communicating face-to-face with guys.

The guys in this camp tend to be anxious & cautious towards initiating or clarifying their intentions with girls.

Adolescence is a time to explore and develop emotional and social competence.

On one hand teens are learning to perceive, assess, and manage their own emotions; on the other hand they are engaged in building their capacity to be sensitive and effective in relating to others: friends, family, and adults in their lives, as well as girlfriends and boyfriends.

This seminar will include ideas for organizing your preparation, structuring your teaching time, and encouraging student understanding.