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She points out that Ride2Love offers a solution to people whose previous relationships were burdened by disagreements over cycling.

“So many marriages break down because one half is out on the bike all the time.

I didn’t have her at hello, I had her at I’m number one on the leader board on Strava on Rocacorba! So to be fair, I’ve included at the bottom of the blog, some tips from my boyfriend on his experience on dating a female cyclist.

So here they are, a few little tips on how to approach dating a female cyclist.

While primarily used for dating, apps like Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, and the like can be used for whatever you want it to be – whether it’s to make new friends, to find romance, to set up a one night hook-up, or even to find new riding buddies.

They are simply tools that connect people faster than chance encounters would.

This may not apply to every woman, I’m sure there are some women who do froth over Strava KOMs and being half wheeled.

And sure, some guys will read this and think to themselves “What is this girl on about?!

Bikes,” I responded, a half-joke that was met with an eye roll. Meeting people organically is rare nowadays, especially if you live in a tech-obsessed city such as Seattle and spend all your free time in the saddle. I have since made all the rookie mistakes: I have “super liked” people I meant to “X” and vice versa, left-swiped through all of Seattle’s profiles until a “There Is No One New Around You” notice popped up, used terrible opening lines on people, and shown up to a first date in lycra.

A decade has gone by since I was last single, and a lot has changed since then.

” and “Is there anywhere in the world that you have always wanted to ride?

”Salone realized that there was a hole in the market for a dating site which focused specifically on cycling, and allowed users to delve deep into the details of someone’s bike lifestyle to find a partner who could share their hobby just as easily as they could share a laugh.

Some may say that falling in love is like riding a bike: You start off slow, and then take off all at once.