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Frontwoman Cristina Scabbia has shared a statement on the issue, which can be read below.

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It could be about getting over a past experience that previously had a significant impact on you, or letting a great opportunity pass you by yet moving on anyway, continuing to live life as is.

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And I say that as someone who actually likes Lacuna Coil.

At first I thought maybe it was just the shitty audio quality of this fan-made video, but no; you can hear almost everything else perfectly, just not Scabbia.

Jim must decide whether or not he can heal, and therefore create a life that he doesn’t need to escape from.

Lacuna Coil’s Facebook page has been hacked and all members are locked out of the account, allowing the hacker(s) to post anything and everything.I feel sorry for them but if this is their way to get entertained...Eh maybe they need to have more hormones activity in their lives, if you know what I mean.But it is also a way of saying, as Cristina Scabbia essentially said in her introductory remarks: .“My spirit” is the incomprehensible language fitting to this experience of post-death.You can use this form to report problematic or annoying ads.