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It’s so awful that every time you flip past it on cable you can’t stop watching till it’s over. Yet here she is on the cover of this month’s UK Elle, looking the same as always.

Winona doesn’t age, but she doesn’t look stuck in the past, either.

Although she has developed a reputation for being a prominent independent film actress, Ricci has appeared in many box office hits—to date, the films in which she has starred have amassed a gross in excess of 3 million.Ricci has also acted in various television productions.They’ve been together for 10 years and have two beautiful children – daughter Lily-Rose, 9, and Jack, 6.“Vanessa and Johnny are still very much in love,” the source pointed out.But industry insiders say French singer and actress Vanessa, 35, doesn’t like the way Johnny is warming up to 32-year-old Marion, who recently won an Oscar for her portrayal of French chanteuse Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose.” “Vanessa is jealous over Marion.

The chemistry between her and Johnny is blatantly evident to everyone,” revealed an insider.A French recording engineer hovers nearby — thick accent, microphone, denim shirt. Director Tim Burton's million fantasy thriller, in which Ricci and co-star Johnny Depp fall in love while solving a colonial town's beheading problem, will open in a few weeks.For Ricci, the movie is a milestone, her first big-budget project in four years.“Heathers” (technically 1989, but still), the blackest comedy about high school ever made; 1994’s “Reality Bites,” an of-the-moment Gen-X dramedy that for some reason really resonates with Gen Y; and 1999’s “Girl, Interrupted,” which alternately captured the era’s fascination with smart, disturbed young women and presaged the current culture of recreational psychopharmacology.Winona made her last big movie in 2000, a maudlin romance called “Autumn in New York,” in which she played — very, very badly — a young woman dying of cancer who falls in love with Richard Gere.“Marion is very flirty with guys she likes – and she adores Johnny!