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Until now they've not plucked up the courage to admit their true feelings..that's about to change."In each episode of this high stakes but ultimately heart-warming new factual entertainment series, a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds take their hearts in their hands and confess their love to people they've secretly admired for months, years, even decades."Shocked faces, tears of relief, heart-on-sleeve revelations, perhaps at least one awkward rejection and who infatuation reciprocated.A football player turned insurance salesman applies for a job as a sportscaster and attaches himself to Mary.

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Mary and Rhoda find out that divorcees at the Better Luck Next Time club can get group rates on charter flights to Paris and decide to join.However, Mary proves a hit with the club's members and gets elected to its board.A dramatic change of heart at the Rose Ceremony puts Jasmine’s hopes for happily ever after in jeopardy.Jasmine and 7 Bachelors continue their search for love in exotic Marrakesh, Morocco.Supernatural medical drama, starring Michael Shanks, Erica Durance and Daniel Gillies Parents need to know that Saving Hope features some intense scenes of patients bleeding, having surgery, and dying, and a main character is the spirit form of a comatose man.

Sexuality is also an issue; casual physical encounters are common among the hospital staff, and couples are shown nearly nude (bras for women, bare chests and unzipped pants for men) and simulating intercourse.

Springfield was rebuilt in a different place and everyone moved to the new city and abandoned the old one In the show’s 500th episode, Season 23’s “At Long Last Leave,” the Springfield townspeople held a secret meeting to kick the Simpsons out of the city because their constant antics have bankrupted Springfield.

The Simpsons go to live in an unincorporated community called “The Outlands” that’s run-down and has no laws.

However, she really cannot believe it when the mailroom boy calls her Ma'am.

Rhoda soon takes it upon herself to get Mary to call her old boyfriend.

Jack Cassidy guest stars as professional model Hal Baxter, who comes to visit his brother Ted at WJM-TV.