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Catalyst is the brand for a variety of network switches sold by Cisco Systems.While commonly associated with Ethernet switches, a number of different network interfaces have been available throughout the history of the brand.Where they are not similar, the differences are noted.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​This document provides the answers to frequently asked questions about AMD Catalyst™ Control Center.Many systems will have the graphics drivers necessary to run X-Plane already installed.If you’re upgrading from one version of a driver to another version, chances are good that the only things included in those updates are bug fixes for specific scenarios, and maybe some very minor performance increases.There’s more chance of breaking something than anything else, so if everything on your PC is working just fine, you can skip the driver updates for the most part.Although drivers for these products are available for download from the AMD website, the installation and configuration support is provided by the system vendor or motherboard manufacturer.

For a list of AMD Partners and their corresponding websites, refer to KB article: GPU 91 The Autodetect tool is a small application that does not need to be installed.

Now that the reasons to install/reinstall or update a graphics driver have been covered.

Let us explore the available methods for locating a compatible driver on the AMD website and understand when and why to use each method.​ NOTE: AMD also provides drivers for other non-graphics products it designs such as: RAID, motherboard chipsets, and audio.

The easiest way to do this is to use the Direct X Diagnostic tool included with Windows.

Before we begin, note that, while most of the screenshots are taken in Windows 7, the steps should be almost identical in Windows Vista, and will be very similar in Windows XP.

Your computer doesn’t natively know how to use all the features of your video card—it needs a driver to do that.