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He did not go out much before, but after he started raising a cat, he never comes out.” Though we’d like to spot our idols outside stages, we will gladly give up our hope to see Xiumin if he is that happy spending time with his cat. It wasn’t only the concepts which changed, but his face as well, went through some clear changes. Standing in the line of a boy and a man just increased his charms.

Let’s go through the legendary moments of Xiumin that shows his growth. 4th – The Young Man Who is a Perfect Example of “Handsome” Finally, our dumpling grew into a man!

The Note 8's dual-lens camera is predicted to feature a 12-MP wide-angle lens and a 13-MP telephoto lens.

The title of the teaser reveals as much - "Do bigger things" - Act. It won't retain the Note 7 display's aspect ratio, though, rather it will follow the S8 and S8 Plus displays' 18.5 to 9 width-to-length ratio.

Based on prior leaks, the Galaxy Note 8 will likewise adopt a dual-lens rear camera, a trend popularized by the i Phone 7 Plus.

The hot question is this - what kind of battery will the Note 8 sport?

Omg I saw this book in the library and decided to take it out and just came access this on wattpad in so glad I took it out in literally sqeauling rn!

Let’s take a look inside…With search, you’ll be able to browse through history using numerous qualifiers.

You can even combine these qualifiers to narrow searches down.

It may look like just a bunch of leaves and twigs, but there's a venomous snake blending into its surroundings. The photo was originally posted by Twitter user @Sssnakey Sci, a Ph. Here's a zoomed version of the image, in case you're still having trouble seeing it:*Fun Fact: Copperhead snakes, like the one in the photo, are found in eastern North America.

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The venom in their bites can cause tingling, throbbing, swelling, and nausea. There's an owl hiding in these trees - can you spot it? Brainteaser blowing up the web - Whose legs are those?

, the first standalone film announced as part of the new Star Wars Anthology series.

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