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Brett Wilson, homegrown entrepreneur, was in the Battlefords last week for a number of speaking engagements.

By far the largest was at the Civic Centre Monday where several hundred people, including more than 180 North West College students, gathered for a graduation ceremony.

Having managed to turn romance in money, Croxon will join the deal-making reality TV series after the CBC last week failed to keep long-time host W.

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Eventually Marisa takes an interest in Brett, and the two soon going out, leading to K. When Zane sends flowers and warning that he's coming for them, Brett tells the family that Zane is imprisoned and that he had sent the flowers and note from a computer at the prison. C.'s affection, Brett calls his father to tell that the Cooper family has fallen for his false story. Taking her to Zane's hideout, she is tied and left in a barn. C., this is stopped by Zane, who enters and reveals he had a agent become K. But the plan fails with Marisa learning that the K. look-alike is fake, and going to the hideout and aiding K.

Cooper and Brett are assigned an undercover mission as the two gain a disliking to each other. During a dancing competition, the two take an interest with one another, and began dating soon afterward. to going to a "Beyoncé concert" out of state, leading to K. being strapped to her seat and Brett revealing the truth.

Begun with encapsulation of the LRT track which now sits in the belly of the building, the New Central Library is the baby of the City of Calgary, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and the Calgary Public Library.

The 5-million project is intended to transform the library into a world-class facility, and is part of the East Village redevelopment.

reaches to the Organization's HQ where Brett is waiting, he is defeated by K.

After his father's arrest, Brett was kicked out of The Organization and joined the Other Side and became their top agent there as well, and trained new recruits.

He has been known to say, “In my world, giving and getting definitely go together, but philanthropic giving can be more rewarding than you might expect.” In his address to the NWC grads, Wilson told tales of his Dragons’ Den days and laid out the three things he calls essences of empowerment that are important to everyone, not just entrepreneurs, if they want to achieve success. In the audience was his father, one of Wilson’s two main mentors and role models. His dad told the News-Optimist afterwards, his son’s address was “interesting for sure.” He said, “I hadn’t heard him speak for a couple of years now.” Brett Wilson grew up in North Battleford with two sisters, Shauna, who is still in North Battleford, and Shelley, who is now in Lloydminster.

His dad was a car salesman and his mom, Doreen, was a social worker. Their son says, “As a kid, I had no idea they were community-minded.

I just thought it was what every parent did, whether it was cooking and bake sales or driving the swim club or coaching the football team.

My parents were active in everything, so there was a huge influence there and, again, it’s planting seeds.” Wilson says it wasn’t until he had matured, had children and a career that he started to look at the obligation to give back. “It was then that I developed the thought that charitable work and community work is really an opportunity.

Steel beams – so enormous it’s difficult to fathom their size – stretch high above, part of an intricate maze connecting huge concrete pillars and a complex truss system.