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You may notice changes in your eating and/or sleeping habits. You may also be letting go of friends you met through your partner, places you went together, and their family.

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Visit our mobile site or install our browser extensions, to always stay aware of what’s happening on your profile.Twoo is the best way to meet people, whether for a chat, flirt or an appointment. Unless you stay with the first person you ever have a romantic relationship with, you will experience a break-up.It can be incredibly painful, and often feels isolating.While there are many similarities in what people experience, each break-up is unique.

If it was your first serious relationship, you may experience how hard it is letting go of your "first love." Or, the end of a long-term relationship may cause you to experience a loss of identity.

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He will either leave, with no remorse or shame for the abuse he has imposed, and seek out a new source of supply or he will immediately swing back into pursuit mode, with the singular goal of winning you back.