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Only three managed to cross ₹100 crore at the box office even as an IPL event rolled out alongside.

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The opening murder committed by Vicky Rai is similar to the Jessica Lal murder case in which the killer was Manu Sharma.Now Vicky Rai has been killed at the party he was throwing to celebrate his acquittal.In his tweet, Rishi Kapoor posted a shocking picture in which a man was seen taking blessing from the private part of the Lingam Swami.This was not the first time when Rishi Kapoor took a dig at the so called religious gurus of the country.Earlier he had criticised controversial self-style godman, godwoman and spiritual leaders, such as Radhe Maa, Asaram Bapu, Sarathi Baba and many more.

Rishi Kapoor is known as one of the celebrities who never hesitate to speak his mind out.

There were only a few releases in 2009, and none of them did well.

The IPL matches were played in South Africa that year because of Lok Sabha elections.

Conceived, created and designed by the Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation, Hyderabad, the App is also now being submitted to the Ministry of Health, Government of India, for consideration for incorporation in their Health Portal for a wider reach. Raghu Ram, not only for all his achievements in the medical sphere but also for his pioneering efforts to empower people across the country about the importance of early detection of breast cancer through a number of innovative initiatives over the past decade.” Bachchan highlighted how early detection was the key to tackling several diseases.

In his address, Bachchan said, “I deem it a great honor to have been invited to launch the World’s First Mobile App on ‘ABC of Breast Health’ that has been conceived, designed and created by Dr. Recollecting his past experiences, he noted how he, as a person from a good economic and environmental cause, had been diagnosed with Tuberculosis in 2000. After his accident in 1982, Bachchan said that he had needed over 60 bottles of blood and that one of them had been from a donor infected with Hepatitis B and Australia Antigen.

And the likes of Ranveer Singh and Parineeti Chopra vouch for the vision and talent of these casting directors.