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You must be in line outside The Bluebird no later than a.m. Plan to play one verse and one chorus of one original song that YOU wrote (or co-wrote.) Excessively long instrumental intros and endings are not to your advantage as you have about one minute of total time to audition.

You listen to your inner voice and your eyes and heart in a safe and beautiful environment.It cuts out a lot of the craziness.” Keeping it safe includes keeping it sober, he said, so the bar serves juices, iced coffees, soft drinks, mocktails and nonalcoholic wines and beers.Initially Campbell's third wife objected to raising the wreck but relented when she realised that it might be plundered by future generations of trophy hunters.Campbell's daughter, Gina, 52, had given her approval to the salvage operation but ultimately missed it because she was on a cruise to Australia.PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST EITHER A) BE A MEMBER OF NSAI OR B) LIVE WITHIN 100 MILES OF NASHVILLE, TN TO BE ELIGIBLE TO AUDITION!

PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU DO NOT MEET ONE OF THESE CRITERIA OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Please be on time, you will not be included in the audition if you arrive after a.m.

He was helped financially by a television crew recording a documentary for the BBC series The Mission.

Eventually the wreck was located in September when Mr Smith was diving solo."Two out of my three torches had broken," he recalled over a pint of Bluebird bitter in the Sun Hotel, the inn where Campbell spent his last night.

Please remember the following guidelines as they remain in place: Each participating writer will get the chance to play 1-2 original songs, solo or accompanied by no more than two others on stage. We do have a house Kawai digital piano that is available to use (88-weighted keys).

Sunday Writers Night Sunday Nights 8-11pm: Writers Nights feature about 8 songwriters who play 3 songs each.

The show is hosted and ends with a special guest performance by a successful songwriter from the Nashville music industry.