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You can make a chat room to discuss a topic, share files, or to get notified about activity in external services like Twitter, Zendesk, and JIRA.Quip chat now also includes a bunch of lighthearted and social features, including emoji, a custom meme creator, and slash commands to bring a little more fun to your team.We’re too good to you, we know, but we want you to keep on coming so click through and enjoy!We have muscular jocks getting naked in the gym locker room after an intense workout with adrenaline pumping and cocks throbbing.Quip is a beautiful, collaborative productivity suite that enables you to collaborate with your team on any device.

With Quip Chat Rooms, we're significantly expanding the prominence and functionality of chat in Quip so your team can talk about anything, whether or not it's attached to a document.This is Snapchat footage of the moment a ruthless thug pranced around a 'haunted' Sydney cemetery - apparently spitting on the burial sites - before destroying nearly 70 Christian graves. The developments came as a Greek Orthodox woman whose parents' graves Raad desecrated revealed that her family had to stump up the cost of the senseless destruction of her mother and fathers' final resting place.In video shown to a court, grave-smashing stone mason Nassem Raad, 23, and a friend can be heard making spitting sounds and saying: 'I'm in the graveyard... Sylvie Tsatsaronis told Daily Mail Australia she 'screamed' when she saw her parents' final resting place desecrated on the TV news.This might be one of the more bizarre album rollouts in recent times, and certainly one of the more disturbing.Without context, one has to wonder why Thug chose this particular narrative to introduce this album.'I screamed and my family came out running and we went straight to the cemetery.'Ms Tsatsaronis was both distressed and bewildered because the graves are made out of marble meaning it would require a lot of effort to destroy.