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Syndicated sex and relationships columnist, blogger, author, TV and radio host, Josey Vogels is often referred to as “The Carrie Bradshaw of Canada.” She has penned three syndicated sex and relationships columns — .Josey’s expertise is sought out regularly by media outlets across Canada and the U.Both panels originally were engaged in the wainscoting of a bedroom, dating from about 1482.

A framed photo of a racecar over the headboard reinforces the theme. Wood paneling and a tribal print blanket add rustic charm to this vacation home located in the canyon community of Lonesome Valley. To make this master bedroom serene and inviting, Annie Goldberg and Ginny Maguire of AG Designs kept the palette mainly neutral with pale walls, an ivory upholstered headboard and shades of gray in the rug and draperies.The calm colors let the bright emerald-green bedding grab the eye’s attention. Jenny Garrison, of Thomas & Garrison Designs, brought in a variety of textures and pops of color to create an elegant, pared-down look in Marci Grant's master bedroom.Also, according to a memo from IURA Director of Community Development Nels Bohn, the property's location in a "Recreational River overlay zone" limits lifetime residential expansion for the house to an additional 500 square feet.Further to that, Bohn wrote "I am not aware of any feasible or appropriate public use for this structure".It also comes with a sizable price tag, mostly for the cost of demolition and asbestos abatement - a similar demolition a couple years ago cost about ,000, not to mention the permanent loss of a taxable property.

However, by keeping the property and demolishing the house, it allows public use of the land and adds to the city's park space.Often talked about and widely debated, Josey Vogels is one of the most original and compassionate voices in her field. Ruth and infinitely less clinical than Masters and Johnson…what really distinguishes her from the endless reams of trash writers is the personal nature of her writing." , as “a compelling combination of breezy advice and real-life horror stories." She was nominated for The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation’s first ever Media Award granted to someone who has broadened the knowledge and understanding of women’s sexual health disorders and related health concerns in an accurate, balanced and sensitive way.A popular speaker at colleges and universities across Canada, the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities nominated Josey “Lecturer of the Year.” Josey has a degree in Journalism and Communications from Concordia University in Montreal.If the parcel were to be sold, the city gets the benefit of the sales revenue and puts the century-old house and land back on the tax rolls, but there's the possibility of development, mostly on the vacant parcel to its north.401 Lake Street is on such a small lot, 40 feet by 60 feet, that any additions would have to be approved by the city's Board of Zoning Appeals.Featured in "Sophisticated Elegance," Nov/Dec 2013. One of the most beloved pieces in this Crestline home is the hand-carved Italian bed in the master bedroom.