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Today the gay community in Budapest is rather open, as opposed to the past's secrecy.The annual Gay Pride Festival has been organized every year since 1993, with a street march and various parties afterwards.“That’s what society deems as being a normal, stereotypical gay male. Charlesworth, 30, definitely doesn’t look like that ubiquitous image of the stereotypical gay man, but he’s not large or hairy, either.For him, identifying as a bear is more about taking pride in his attraction to men with bodies that look as though they were formed by years of chopping trees, and not by years of running on treadmills and drinking protein smoothies. Charlesworth said his lack of heft made it hard to immediately identify with a group predominantly made up of large men.The views expressed on this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the European Commission.

In late September Andrei, a middle-aged Moldovan, was set upon by two men in a park in the center of this city.They had found his number on a gay dating site, arranged a meetup and, after calling him a faggot, beat him and kicked him in the face.Then, for good measure, they stole his bag and wallet.“It was vicious, and when the police arrived they started asking me all these degrading questions,” says Andrei, who asked that his name be changed.The gay and lesbian community in Budapest has witnessed great improvements to their social status since 1990, the fall of the Communist regime.Being gay is now socially and legally accepted, and this helps "coming out", or admitting to one's environment the fact about their sexuality.There are between four and six stages to coming out as gay, according to people who study these sorts of things.