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He established many things still in use today, including the concept of "travelling," "goaltending," fouls, and even the rule that a ball must be thrown in-bounds within five seconds.He set up peach baskets attached to both ends of a gymnasium balcony, and used a soccer ball (using an "Association foot ball" was even part of his original rules).

Naismith set out to create a game with less violence, one that was less a contest of strength and more a contest of skill.Late at night on the final before the final day of the two weeks he was given, he created a set of 13 rules for Basket Ball.The game play really relates to the dramatization of high school fantasies.I guess I`m pretty new to Lo P games, but it`s nice to see that they don`t all follow the same formula. James Naismith With many sports, it's hard to trace an exact origin; ball games are fairly universal to cultures around the globe, and finding a specific inventor can be difficult to impossible.

Basketball, on the other hand, does not have that same problem.Diana Saylak has worked with Great Expectations for 10 years and is currently an Elementary Mathematics Instructional Coach for Coppell ISD in Coppell, Texas.She has been an active member in the development of the district’s Facilitation Framework, Leadership Framework, and Classroom Management Framework.In the classroom, Diana used Project Based Learning to educate learners in kindergarten through second grade.Now, she trains teachers on the methods of using Project Based Learning in their own classrooms.The survey said 60 per cent of these buyers were choosing mortgage terms of more than 25 years to improve affordability.