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This is especially true if the leading value is greater than the size of the space between the paragraphs.

Nigel French discusses leading—the space between lines of type— in this excerpt from In Design Type: Professional Typography with Adobe In Design, 3rd Edition.

Nigel talks about how much is enough, screen leading, auto leading, and consistency.

I also had motivational quotes in excel that appeared on top of each page of the Diary.

Though it's an old query, but I hope it helps others seeking something similar.

Body text is usually made more readable by a positive amount of leading (a value greater than the point size of the type).

Headlines and display type, however, may benefit from negative leading.

A text variable is the definition of the variable itself; a text variable instance is the marker in the text that inserts the content of the text variable.

It’s entirely possible to have a text variable in a document for which no text variable instance exists in the layout (though there’s really no reason to).

Believe it or not, we’ve met a number of graphic designers who are scared of the word “variable.” It’s not that frightening—a variable is simply something that can change.

In a way, the automatic page number special character is a sort of text variable, because it changes depending on the page on which it appears.

Select the first and last months you want for your calendar from the drop-down menus.