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After unceremoniously kicking him out, she is shocked when a day later, her good friend Trish brings news that Austin has become an Instant Web Hit over night ("Actually, it was more like two nights" Austin admits in an interview) but what really shocks her is the fact it happened with him singing song.After an episode's worth of misadventures trying to get Ally the credit she deserves, the two decide to combine forces.She ran towards the car and he chuckled at her enthusiasm."Hello." She said brightly as she slid into the passenger's seat."Hi." He replied. " He nudged her playfully and she smiled goofily."My mom called, she says we can video-chat tomorrow, she's borrowing a laptop off of someone." Ally smile widened even more and Austin could practically feel her glowing from beside him."That's awesome, Ally." He said honestly. Austin took her hand in his and briefly gave it a tight squeeze before putting both hands back on the steering wheel and setting off. He hadn't quite believed it when she'd got them done, he picked her up and spun her round that day, just because he could see how happy she was with herself. Austin was lucky that he had practically all the same classes as Ally.

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The first half of the finale was all about goodbyes, with Austin preparing to head off on a world tour — one that would take him far away from Ally. In fact, there’s one season-ender that still haunts her: “When we ended our third season, and we didn’t know if we were going to have a fourth season, I was really mad that Austin wasn’t singing anymore,” she admits. “I think everyone loves opposites, and it’s been clear since the pilot that Austin and Ally are so different,” she adds.The couple attempted to squeeze a year’s worth of holidays into the time they had left together, but in typical And don’t even pretend like you didn’t get all misty-eyed during Trish’s performance of “You’ve Got a Friend.” Years later, Austin and Ally weren’t even speaking to each other, following an amicable break-up — you know, scheduling problems — but a surprise reunion on time jump, which revealed a few mind-blowing twists: For starters, Austin and Ally ended up married (with children! “None of us, including the producers, expected Austin and Ally to get together so soon.[Austin plays a classical music piece] Ally Dawson: Oh, please. [pretends to yawn, and plays the same piece] Dez: [directing a movie] Okay, Austin. Mildred is under that umbrella, unaware Claws is behind her. Look at this bracelet he got me for our one week-aversiry. Dez: No, a quesadilla is a traditional Latin American party celebrating a girl's fifteenth birthday.

[first lines, both sitting at a piano in the store] Austin Moon: Can you play this? Austin read the text and smiled to himself, leaning his hands against the steering wheel.Okay so, maybe he had, but it was still a fun day: they had inevitably ended up having a paint war all over her perfectly mowed, grassy lawn. He honked his horn twice and she looked up at him, her features transforming into a bright smile.Ally Dawson (Laura Marano) is an aspiring singer-songwriter with extreme stage fright who works at her father's music store at the Mall of Miami.Austin Moon (Ross Lynch) is an aspiring singer who visits the store one day and ends up finding her in the upstairs practice room the same time Ally is working on her newest song.The series finale had aired Sunday, January 10, 2016 after a marathon of the entire 4 seasons.