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A Naughty But Nice (NBN) dog is exactly how it sounds - they are nice, beautiful, lovable dogs underneath but sometimes they make bad choices!These bad choices might be because they are easily overexcited, overaroused, reactive, frustrated, worried, scared or anxious!

These stages repeat themselves many times during the night.Men will often experience reflex erections during the stage classed as REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, which takes place during the middle and last stages of the sleep cycle.Key to understanding companion and performance dog training and behaviour is that arousal is cumulative and doesn’t go down quickly!The best analogy to look at this is that of an “arousal bucket.” Small positive or negative triggers of arousal, e.g.While getting an erection when it’s not necessarily wanted is not something you hope will happen, I can assure you that it’s completely normal.

What you’re describing here is something referred to as reflex erection.That's about as far as most people want to go in thinking about this subject."It's too scary to think about the other." The other is what Montgomery sees all the time: pictures of adults engaged in sex acts with children — as young as infants — or children acting out sexual positions with other children.Compared to a baseline day, insulin treatment more than doubled the time spent awake, from 18.4 ± 2.6% after saline injection to 48.0 ± 5.5% after insulin.Insulin injection also reduced rapid eye movement sleep (REMS) from 27.3 ± 1.8% to 5.6 ± 1.3%.They might make these bad choices because they find it impossible to be calm, need to be calmer or maybe have a high desire to chase, hunt, sniff or herd! Arousal involves a very complex interaction between the brain (specifically an area called the reticular activating system) and other areas (for example, those involved in hormone production).