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As if that wasn’t enough reason to want to visit it, Slovakian stunners are among the most beautiful women in the world, as …Continue Reading ›› One of the greatest attributes people of both sexes should possess is confidence.

Even though playwrights have a tough job to do, it is the actors’ job to perform on stage, pouring out their soul and using their talent to entertain or move their audience.

This is exactly what language-learning app Duolingo wanted to find out when it surveyed over 700 people. Did she maybe reject you, not giving your relationship a chance at all?

You can go online and chat with thousands of women anytime of the day or night.

The video chat version is expensive, but you can toggle on and see the woman on live video for a while.

Just imagine how insecure you are if you get your login in such a way and how fast it can be stolen.

Many respectful agencies explain to their members how to store their passwords carefully, how to create a new one in case you wish to change it, what combination is easy to uncover and so and so forth.

​CONSIDER THE STIGMA of online dating officially banished.

Of all the models who participated in our "Dos and Don'ts of Dating" series Anastasia Ashley is the only one to say it loud and proud: Hell yes, I've done it.

Once the honeymoon phase of our relationships ends, we all slowly but surely start to realize that our partners may, indeed, not be the flawless god-like creatures we took them for. This is why today’s list of gorgeous actresses is …

This is when the so-called “pet hates” start to appear, making our partners' annoying habits almost insufferable. Continue Reading ›› At an era when the dating pool is vast and diverse, what can make a singleton be singled out from the rest and land a date more easily? Were you the one who ended things for some reason or another?

For whatever reason you're not together, it is possible that she’s still thinking of you. Did you know that Slovakia is the country with the most castles and chateaux per capita in the world?