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It turns out — controversy aside — they have a lot of interesting and unexpected uses. But to really get “likes” on social media, try posting a “dronie” — a photo taken from a couple of hundred feet above your head by your UAV.

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Even Martha Stewart penned a July column in Time magazine gushing, “Why I Love My Drone.” Not everyone is using them for fun, of course.

The Post recently reported that local private eyes were deploying drones to snap photos of cheating spouses.

This article explains what each of these most common digital camera modes means and does.

Knowing them can take your shots to the next level. Aperture and Shutter Priority Mode – this introduction talks you through these two very useful settings that can be found on many digital cameras.

In years past, if you cast your eyes skyward in our metropolis and spotted a flying object, you had three options for what it could be: a bird, a plane or an errant Geno Smith pass on its way to a defensive player. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are becoming all the rage for hobbyists, especially the quad copters, which have become affordable for civilians in recent years.