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Setting out from Reform Club, we headed for 11 Downing Street.

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The canal brought prosperity, growth and expansion to the village.

It created a need for inns, hotels and restaurants, and area farms and factories found the canal useful as an inexpensive and easy way to ship goods further along the canal or beyond.

Because the canal connected to the Hudson River, boats were able to ship goods south to the metropolis of Manhattan. Yates, who opened and operated grist and saw mills, a woolen mill, stores, and founded the village's first church in 1828, the Dutch Reformed Church, now the First Presbyterian Church of Chittenango.

At the time, it contained between 900 and 1,000 inhabitants, about 180 dwellings, three churches, the Yates Polytechnic Institute, a large woolen factory, two large water lime factories, one flouring mill, three taverns and ten stores.

Several people were in the church, but no one was injured. Joanne La Bounty, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said they have heard reports of damage from weather spotters, but have not heard official reports of funnel clouds.

Jim Teske, meteorologist for WSYR-TV (Channel 9), went to see the destruction, too.

It looked as if it was appointed as Chancellor by Prime Minister David Cameron on .

Passepartout remarked that it didn't become the Chancellor's official residence until 1828. It functioned well as the Prime Minister's press office. I could see that it was built in the 1680s by Sir George Downing (1632-1689).

Chittenango is a village located in Madison County, New York, in the United States. On an 1825 map of the area, the village is called Chittening, a name used by early settlers which is thought to be derived directly from Chu-de-nääng′. Morgan who studied Iroquois customs and language in his 1851 book League of the Iroquois, the name "Chittenango" may have come from Chu-de-nääng′ Ga-hun′-da, a redundant combination of the Onedia terms for "Chittenango Creek" (Chu-de-nääng′) and "creek" (Ga-hun′-da).

The village is in the south part of the Town of Sullivan. Initial growth of this village is largely attributed to the construction of the Erie Canal which officially opened in 1825, joining Buffalo on Lake Erie with Albany, the capital of New York, and the Hudson River. The Chittenango Canal Company, incorporated in 1818, constructed a canal 1.5 mi (2.4 km) in length connecting Chittenango to the Erie Canal.

He thought damage on about one quarter-mile section of Genesee Street (Route 5) looked like it was caused by a straight-line wind.