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One month and eight million impressions later, trends started to emerge.

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See Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ) Boot Camp.

A residential punishment program for offenders on community supervision.

Students observe children at the University Child and Family Laboratory and relate their observations to the issues discussed in Human Development and Family Sciences 313 and 313H.

One and one-half laboratory hours a week for one semester.

Some of my title next to the bathtub caved in and I immediately put in a maintence request. The grounds are improving but they are constantly filled with garbage, debris.

He fixed it right away in the morning and even kept as quiet as possible because I like to sleep in! Don't expect to feel comfortable or safe living here AT ALL!

Modeled after military basic training, boot camps target young, first-time offenders.

Boot camps emphasize physical exercise, strict supervision and discipline. A research-driven, scientifically valid method used by community supervision officers to classify an offender's needs and risk to the community.

I do not feel safe at night with all the men that loiter drinking cases of beer and leaving their trash outside. They have absolutely no idea what is going on or how to handle any problems.

I've had to get two new tires due to the poorly groomed parking lots. The front gate has never worked for more than a day since they took over.

Choose: adult treehouse or the ability talk to animals?