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Lately I haven’t been able to spend much time with my boyfriend due to both of us working opposite schedules.I work during the day for a farm bakery, where I bake pies, peel and cut apples, and pick produce.

I want to talk and cuddle and just spend time with him. But it’s difficult for that to happen when we’re both tired from working so much, and when he often works overtime, sometimes even on weekends. Continuing to intentionally make time for each other–instead of just getting comfortable and taking each other for granted–will help you to better trust each other, better respect each other, and better love each other.

Over time, the honest conversations that you have and the patience and understanding and forgiveness that you give to each other during those conversations can move a relationship from fear and jealousy to security.

Maybe you're a bartender, or a first year lawyer (I've heard their hours are brutal) or a doctor (if you're a doctor please call me, we can date). We should probably just start our own dating site because honestly trying to date people with normal work hours is pretty brutal.

I decided to put together a quick list of date ideas.

When Simone Allen started a demanding job as a litigation attorney at a large Philadelphia law firm a year ago, the 32-year-old packed her after-work calendar to ensure that she wouldn't spend every night at the office: guitar lessons on Monday, Pilates on Friday, and a healthy mix of dates and nights out with friends in between. Instead, she's spending most nights poring over her cases—and she's one of the only ones working such intense overtime at her office.

But in a matter of weeks, her classes fell by the wayside; she couldn't get out of the office in time. With more than 100 lawyers on staff at her firm, fewer than five are single and do not have kids, says Allen, and overwhelmingly, those are the attorneys juggling the extra load.: The physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those that an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of the job.Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.Dating is rough, but add an awkward work schedule and you give up. and even as I write this I know I don't need to tell you that the night shift sucks because if you're reading this it means that you're up too and you're probably in the same situation that I am in.I really don't mind sleeping in and having my mornings open to leisurely hang around the house, but while everyone is out to dinner and happy hour you are busy working away at the office.If I have to cancel a date for work, that guy won't be around the next night.