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So why get married at this point--it's not like he's some young gun in Hollywood trying to establish himself and get acting roles? Please get back to this thread on the day after the wedding. Variety of reasons (I only met 2 of them), but standing in business-their career was the main one. Someone bloody world-famous like Clooney; I am only surprised that he hasn't gotten (re-married; remember Talia Balsam) married BEFORE this.

In that case, the theme song for your return to this thread can be "The Twelfth of Never.""Boyfriend At The Lake"A Life Time Movie inspired by true events, premiering Tuesday, June 17, at PMA disgraced Mafioso attempts to blackmail a handsome America actor by exposing his hidden homosexuality. My best friend - good-looking guy, in relative good shape, although we ARE both old(er) now - has had a ton of short-term hookups and three big, long, love-of-his life, relationships. Mind you, this was 10 or so years ago; I can see what is probably your point; why bother marrying a woman in these relatively more tolerant times. President Barack Obama arrived in Palm Springs, California on Saturday via Air Force One to spend Father's Day playing golf. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages reducing unnecessary air travel to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

(Dryer sheets are really bad for your clothes.)I don't wear perfume every day, but when I do, I don't like it to clash with anything else.

I love Method's ultra-concentrated "Fresh Air." Great smell, and the pump bottle it comes in is revolutionary.

The word hookah is a derivative of "huqqa", a Hindi-Urdu term.

The widespread use of the Indian word "hookah" in the English language is a result of the colonization in British India (1858–1947), when large numbers of expatriate Britons first sampled the water pipe.

As far as softeners, I find the ones made in Mexico, such as the small sizes of Downy and Suavitel, seem to be more concentrated with a larger selection of scents.[quote]What consignment store sells laundry detergent?! This wasn't really that difficult.[quote]I bought some stuff at a consignment store and my god, I almost don't want to rewash them.

I love the Arm & Hammer with Oxy Clean in the Fresh scent.

Or perhaps admire the charm of the nearby Spanish Steps.

Just like the nearby Villa Medici, home to the French Academy in Rome, the Hotel Villa Borghese is itself a real museum.

4 simple pumps for one load, 50 loads' worth in the small, lightweight bottle.

Can buy refill detergent in pouches that can be poured into your original pump bottle so it dramatically cuts down on waste (don't have to keep recycling or trashing all the empty detergent bottles).

A friend of mine just got back from the Lake Como region, where she said her Italian friends all swear up and down that not only does everyone in the area know that George Clooney is gay (despite the engagement), but that he's had an affair for years with some sort of male psychiatrist or psychologist who practices in Florence. George also has erectile issues and isn't very much interested in sex with men or women, especially with his alcohol and drug issues and that pocky prostate of his - the incontinence issues seem to have settled down since the surgery, and after shitting his pants on stage at the Oscars that time it's a great relief to all of us who care about him - but we are not in the habit here about judging or sharing details of people's lives to which we, as gay people, are inevitably privy.