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In all likelihood, though, the early hours of Wednesday morning is when the UK will find out who the next President is.

In 2012, Obama was called as the victor at am by the Associated Press.

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"And so it's important that there's an opportunity for Mr. "I know I'm certainly going to give him that opportunity and listen to what he has to say when I meet with him," Saunders said, adding he hopes Torontonians will also hear Khan out before making any judgment.

The service currently has 19 chaplains, including Khan, who represent 15 different faiths.Second is to avoid a clash with November 1st: All Saints Day, when businessmen traditionally did their accounting.Midnight – Polls start to close, including Florida, Georgia and New Hampshire. am – Ohio and North Carolina close 1am – Pennsylvania and Michigan close 2am – Arizona and Wisconsin close 3am – Iowa and Nevada close 4am – All polls other than Alaska have closed After 4am – It’ll start to become clear who has won. The US Election has traditionally always taken place on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November, for two key reasons.One is because November is the quietest month for the rural workers that once dominated America, with Tuesday giving them time to travel to local towns and cities where the polls are.We have a great reputation in the industry and plan to be market leaders in our chosen niche.