2016 who is martha stewart dating

More than a year after she created an online dating profile on Match.com, Martha Stewart is still searching for someone to light her fire.

"I'm looking for a partner," she said in a recent interview for the June/July issue of .

A little tipsy by the end of the night, Andy wanted to go to bed, but Martha didn't.

Larry is an executive in the international steel trade.He considers himself a romantic, loves traveling, movies, museums, and holding hands, according to his profile.But there's a reason why the long-divorced diva of domesticity hasn't found true romance, says author Jerry Oppenheimer, who put Martha's life under a journalistic microscope and interviewed dozens of close friends and family member for his much ballyhooed biography, Just Desserts.In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, Oppenheimer, who published his New York Times Bestseller in 1997, says, "I was shocked and surprised that Martha is still looking for a man in her life after having a terrible history through the years with men.'In writing 'Just Desserts,' dozens of close friends and family members described to me how she had grown up in a family ruled by a mean-spirited father, and how in a way she showed herself to be both a man-chaser and a man-hater, a driven and ambitious woman who played fast and loose in business and even in her marriage.A lover of animals, grandchildren, and the outdoors.

Young at heart." PHOTOS: Celebs' love story beginnings Until she finds that man, though, she has her pets to keep her company.

The media mogul received more than 20,000 page views within days after loading her profile on to the site.

“They did a really, really nice job of being dates,” said Stewart, who would “absolutely” go out with either one for a second date.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg kicked it onstage during the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber in March2015.

Schumer's pictures of their friendship have delighted the Internet. And yet the pair are pretty tight and often show up together on each other's Instagram accounts.

When Andy graduated from Yale law school in January 1964, the young couple celebrated with a trip to Europe.